Training Courses

Whether you have joined us as a member and/or are thinking of attending one of our training courses, you have made the next step in expanding your career as an Executive and Personal Assistant.

At the heart of a great Executive and Personal Assistant is a willingness to continue lifelong professional development; keeping skills up to date and being at the forefront of business, whilst providing an extensive support service to today’s executives.

EPAA recognises you as a crucial profession, who sites at the heart of businesses and organisations across the country. Part of our strategic plan is to enhance our employee value proposition as a profession and we underpin this by the training we offer.

We aim to provide you with extensive, high calibre and informative courses – all designed with the modern day EA/PA in mind. Whilst doing this, we will ensure our delegates are taken to the next level, whilst meeting the current and real needs of this unique profession, not just for today but preparing you for the future too.

Our trainers/coaches are all highly experienced people and some former EAs/PAs. All are equally passionate about the future of the profession and ensuring we have the most skilled and talented workforce we have.

As time moves on for the Association, we shall seek to expand out range of courses and topics available and we will ensure that our training meets the competing demands of the workplace and have every Assistant talent ready to move clearly through the transitions of their career.

All courses can be delivered in house and/or as part of your corporate/company membership.

Upcoming Courses

Upcoming training courses for both the public and EPAA members.

Introduction to Business Support

Business Support is the all-important tasks, procedures and behaviours needed on a regular basis to provide a competent service to the teams or directors in which you support. The course provides

Excellence in Executive Support

Excellence in Executive Support is our blended learning option, for those wishing to really excel supporting at a high level. The profession has moved beyond the realms of providing solely secretarial

EA as a Manager

This intensive one-day high level training programme has been developed for EAs, PAs and Management Assistants, in order to help build core effective management skills, to successfully operate in today’s ever changing

People Management for EAs

This intensive one-day programme has been designed for executive and business support professionals undertaking people management activities. To be a great people manager takes skill, determination and a willingness on your

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