Are you interested in public speaking and adding this to your list of skills? Have a career story to share or particular topics you are an expert at within the Assistant role? 

From our recent Internal PA Network Summit, we created a simple speaker bank in order to share expertise and contacts across the profession and the UK.  

There is no pressure on you to be part of this or indeed to have had prior experience of public speaking! 

The list will serve as a great resource for those who organise events for their firms and at any time you will be able to logon to the members section of our website and simply scroll through, select which topics are needed and contact away…. 

There is no doubt about it, public speaking is a great skill to have as an Assistant! Not all events are big conferences, indeed for many of our internal networks the events are much smaller groups, held in-house. It’s a great way to start your public speaking adventures!  

It doesn’t matter if you don’t belong to an internal network either, if public speaking is something you want to do more of then please do get in touch.  

The list will be published on our website at the end of this week and we shall keep updating it as time moves on.  All you need to do is email us with the topics that you would like to present on. If smaller groups are preferred? and are you brave enough to share your wisdom at an external EPAA event? There is also the option to register your interest now with a ’email me in six months Vic’, where you want to do this but are not quite ready yet.  In the coming months we shall be providing more resources on this for you. 


You can see our current list of potential speakers here – EPAA Speaker Bank

If you would like to join the speaker bank, please email Georgina Farley at stating which topics/areas you are able to present on.