Shelagh Donnelly Bio

Shelagh Donnelly

Shelagh is an international speaker and trainer with extensive C-Suite experience in both the private and public sectors. She is the founder and publisher of Exceptional EA, a valued resource for career assistants. Her website features interviews with assistants from around the globe, and Shelagh remains attuned to readers’ experiences through her Weekend Polls. She is the author of the new book, The Gift of Confidence: How Assistants Can Adapt and Thrive in Times of Career Disruption.

Shelagh attributes her own career successes to a number of factors, including a forward-thinking focus on the big picture. In this presentation, she will share progressive insights for assistants who want to nurture and enjoy meaningful, rewarding careers. Audiences appreciate Shelagh’s ability to distill issues and tech trends from an assistant’s perspective, and the humour and pragmatism she brings to her training presentations.

Twitter: @ExceptionalEA

LinkedIn: Shelagh Donnelly



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