National Back to Basics Keynote Speaker Announced for 2021

EPAA UK is delighted to announce details of our keynote speaker – Nicolas Hamilton – for the 2022 Back to Basics Conference, taking place in the city of London!

We always like to bring new and exciting speakers/trainers to our conference programmes where possible, and we are absolutely thrilled to be working with Nic for 2021. 

Born with Spastic Diplegia a form of cerebral palsy, which affects the movement of his leg muscles, Nic was initially a wheelchair user. He endured years of gruelling, painful training so that by the age of 17 he could walk completely unaided.

A huge achievement in itself, but this was just the first part of his unwavering determination to become a racing driver!

Not one to be told what he can and cannot do on the basis of his condition, Nic earned a seat in the highly competitive Renault Clio Cup, the entry level to touring car competition and the gateway to motorsport for many future successful drivers.

We know that he will bring a lot to the conference agenda and delegates will be left not only inspired, but highly motivated to take forward their own personal and professional goals with passion and purpose.

His story is undeniably inspirational, and his journey so far has been one of pure grit and determination.  And yet there is still a lot more to come from Nic Hamilton!

We look forward to seeing those of you signed up to attend in London.

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