EPAA is a dynamic and innovative professional membership body for Executive and Personal Assistants across the United Kingdom.

Membership with EPAA will ensure all level of Assistants remain at the forefront of their own career, whilst continuing to develop expertise to power up Great Britain’s Executives, businesses and organisations to greater success.

Most importantly, membership of EPAA does not bear any elitism in any shape or form. Our Association is open to Assistants from all levels and backgrounds!

EPAA members will enjoy a variety of national benefits and more will be developed and launched as time moves on. We offer several membership levels and grades to reflect a combination of experience and/or qualifications.

Membership is open to Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Virtual Assistants, Office Managers (where a PA element is part of the role), Administrative Assistants (seeking to become a EA/PA) and anyone seeking a career in the Business Support Profession.

Types of EPAA Membership

Interested in joining EPAA as a member?


Individual Membership

For individuals in the EA/PA industry


Corporate Membership

For groups of over 2 EAs/PAs

Benefits of an EPAA Membership

Discover why our membership is a step above the rest

EPAA is not only an official not-for-profit registered Association, we are government approved via List 3 and offer a variety of membership benefits to take advantage of throughout the membership year – depending on your professional needs at any one time. The association recognises professional as either in Executive or Business Support.

Professional Recognition & Accreditation

Each member is graded upon entry to the Association, where letters will be awarded on your relevant experience and/or qualification levels. This allows employers to see your commitment as a Business or Executive Support Professional.

Research & Campaigns

As a national representative body, EPAA UK has already led several campaigns and research reports since our inception.

This includes the ‘Not Just a Girl’s Job’ Campaign, which continues to seek a decrease in the gender split in the UK (male vs female), whilst also pushing for more gender neutrality from the UK profession at large. We were the first professional body worldwide in the profession to look at this in earnest.

Our Time to Train campaign in 2017 sought to better understand the gap between what Executive & Business Support Professionals needed from a training perspective vs what the training element of our profession was offering and marrying this up to employer’s needs. Our new survey will be out shortly!

Monthly Virtual Webinars

Our training webinars provide a snapshot/bitesize of a subject area and are fast paced virtual learning. These sessions are also led by qualified trainers from inside and outside the profession, on topics we feel are of most importance at any given time.

These are typically an hour in length and worth 2 CPD credits per webinar with the Association.

Payment Plans

A number of professionals’ self-fund their own learning and development - EPAA offers members the chance to not only spread the cost of membership, but also our courses and chargeable products.

Technology Training

EPAA is shortly commencing a series of training sessions virtually and in person with our new training partner Appetite of Business – a British technology who specializes in Microsoft 365, Sharepoint and Teams.

Monthly E-Newsletter

Keeping up to date with all the latest news for Executive & Business Support professionals and the work of the association.

Mentoring Programme

EPAA is shortly launching one of the most comprehensive mentoring programmes the profession has seen in the UK!

This allows for in-person or virtual mentoring - with full training from the EPAA team and a system which allows for greater accountability of the process for both mentor and mentee.

CPD Workshops

We run ad-hoc in person live training one day courses for members only (to the value of £300).

The subject area is chosen by our members and they are delivered in a series of UK cities throughout the year. The places are on a first come, first serve basis and are worth 10 CPD credits with the Association.

Professional Conferences

Our two main conferences - our yearly National Conference, (which is expected of any national representative body) and focuses on the most relevant topics and points of interest for professionals to remain employed.

Our ‘Back to Basics’ conferences, which was launched in 2019, serves as a refresher conference, ensuring that core every day need skills are up to date.

Long Term Unemployment Support

EPAA offers those who the UK government term as long term unemployed (those out of work for six months or more and claiming benefits) the first year of membership for free.

CPD Programme

EPAA leads a comprehensive CPD programme, which allows for members to record continued professional development and work towards becoming a Practitioner of the profession. Our programme is not mandatory but optional for members.

Monthly Virtual Masterclasses

Our virtual classrooms will take place each month and are led by qualified trainers from inside and outside of the profession.

They are typically two hours in length and are worth 5 CPD credits per classroom with the Association.

Substantial Discounts

Often the price gap between being a member of an organisation vs non-members is really non-existent!

Our members do enjoy healthy discounts and priority bookings for all of our chargeable events, training courses and coaching programmes.

Coaching Sessions

One Hour coaching session for each member joining.

Upon joining, regardless of grade, we invite each new member within their first 6 months of membership, to have a one-hour professional coaching session with either our Founder or other qualified professional coaches who work with the Association.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training

EPAA is shortly commencing a series of training sessions virtually and in person with our new training partner ‘Diverse Matters’ on all areas of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. All these sessions are included within the membership fee.

I am proud to be a Fellow member of EPAA, as they are leading the way in championing our profession and challenging the perception of what it means to be a PA.

Joining EPAA has empowered me to stay inspired and motivated in my role as a PA. It has allowed me to broaden my knowledge by having the opportunity to attend their training days, webinar sessions and bi-annual conference, this in turn has allowed me to stay informed and up to date on the latest industry innovations, research and trends. It has helped me to take charge of my career, give me the opportunity to develop my skills as a leader, which has helped not only with my personal growth, but growth within my organisation. Networking has been invaluable and EPAA has created an amazing PA community, one that is supportive, encouraging understanding, inspiring and passionate. I have been able to connect and create professional relationships and make new friends since becoming a member.

Debra Jacobs FEPAA

Debra Jacobs FEPAA
Personal Assistant, Royal Bank of Scotland

EPAA has helped me both professionally and personally – it has given me an organisation to belong to and rely on. Through their hard work and efforts, we are changing the face of the assistant profession and being a member of the organisation, means being a part of it, and that is priceless. Through events, online resources and the wider EPAA community, you can learn new skills, build on old ones and thus develop your career. The EPAA name commends respect throughout the industry and beyond, and I for one, have never been prouder to be a part of such an extraordinary organisation. I recommend them entirely and without hesitation.

Declan Halton-Woodward MEPAA

Declan Halton-Woodward MEPAA
EA to Global Managing Director The AS&K Group

I have been a member of EPPA since its launch in 2016 and I am extremely proud to be one of its Fellow members. As an EA myself, it is fantastic to have a professional association to belong to which is led by someone who is just as passionate about the profession as its members. EPAA has enabled me to meet some other fantastic PAs/EAs who regard the role as a career and not just a job. An association of this calibre was long overdue and I am confident that its leaders are taking the profession in the right direction for future generations of PAs/EAs.

Karen Glenn FEPAA

Karen Glenn FEPAA
Executive Assistant, Colt Data Centre Services

Through starring in the ‘Not Just A Girl’s Job’ campaign, I’ve had the chance to meet so many other PAs. I feel EPAA campaigns break down the barriers that are a bit of a taboo subject, that most people find awkward talking about. My membership with EPAA will broaden my knowledge with the courses offered, and I will meet more members at the conferences available. If I’m honest, I haven’t seen any other organisation offer the services EPAA does. EPAA fills that missing gap as far as I’m concerned.

Josh Dublin AEPAA

Josh Dublin AEPAA
Administrator, BDO LLP

EPAA is a forward thinking organisation, constantly evolving and challenging the perceptions of the EA/PA industry. I was delighted to join EPAA as a Fellow Member at inception and have found it invaluable in support of my personal development and in strengthening my network of contacts. I enjoy making the most of the EPAA training days where I learn from the best and continue to grow my knowledge. For the future, I see EPAA as the must have membership for those wishing to develop their careers and connect with likeminded professionals.

Melissa Francis FEPPA

Melissa Francis FEPPA
Executive Assistant, East Sussex

Joining EPAA has been one of the best things I could have done for my career, I honestly believe I would never have got to where I am now without Vic and EPAAs help . Its opened me up to a world of learning opportunities from some of the most influential people in the profession, as well as some incredible members. I’ve also built up the most amazing network through EPAA, who I consider as my friends and people I can turn to for some solid advice. If you are a career Assistant or want to be, the first thing you should do is join EPAA.

Craig Harris MEPAA

Craig Harris MEPAA
Executive Assistant, Shelter

I am a proud Fellow of EPAA since day one and continue to advocate to all. Yes, there are other associations for the profession, but none with as clear a voice and with the specific aim of championing the role so universally. Leading the way with trailblazing campaigns such as Not Just a Girls Job, Workplace Bullying and Time To Train; partnering with highly acclaimed training providers such as Adam Fidler Academy; and now bringing CPD accreditation to the profession, you will be hard pressed to find a team with as strong and dedicated a leader as at the helm of EPAA. In addition to the multiple benefits for a very reasonable membership fee, EPAA has a lively online social media presence further building the PA/EA/VA network, empowering individuals to develop, network and learn whilst making real friendships along the way. Don’t delay, apply for your membership today!

Helen Parker FEPAA

Helen Parker FEPAA
Executive Assistant, Bristol

I’ve been a Fellow of EPAA from the very beginning and can’t rate the work they are doing highly enough. They have raised the profile of PA/EAs within the UK and are championing our role not just within companies but at Government level as well. From a personal note, my clients can see that I am committed to my profession and EPAA offers not just great support but a fantastic community that supports each other in any way we can.

Amanda Reid FEPAA

Amanda Reid FEPAA
Freelance Executive Assistant & Personal Concierge, Your Associate

Being a Fellow of EPAA has given me pride in my role as an Executive Assistant. For me it is like wearing a badge of honour and gives me credibility belonging to a professional body. I know with EPAA that I have access to the most up-to-date, relevant information pertinent to my role and I have access to EPAA members who are willing to share their knowledge and offer support and encouragement.

Going forwards I am excited to be part of EPAA’s Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme. This is needed in our profession and I am so grateful that Victoria is setting this up. Staying up-to-date on latest skills and knowledge is crucial and being part of the CPD programme will give me a framework to continuously grow and develop. EPAA to me is the sail in the wind, guiding the profession in the right direction.

Paula Harding FEPAA

Paula Harding FEPAA
Executive Assistant, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

2022 Membership Brochure

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