Back to Basics EA Conference

EPAA is delighted to offer this conference, with a clear focus on the basic skills and behaviours required to successfully perform Business Support roles.

Whether you come from an experienced background or have recently joined the profession, this conference will offer something for everyone.

For the more experienced, it never serves to become complacent in any aspect of the role and events such as these can be utilised as a reminder and a refresher. For the recently new members of the profession, it provides a strong foundation block of which you can build a highly successful career.

Whilst anyone in any profession is prone to making mistakes, getting the basics wrong in this profession can indeed be very costly for UK business.  The ‘basics’ are not just about technical skills and the ability to command Microsoft Office, indeed equally important is the ability to understand professional standards and behaviours, in order to provide an all encompassing business support service.

This conference has been put together and led as a result of direct feedback from employers and executives from across the UK.

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