Self Care Summit for EAs and PAs

This new one day event is a first of its kind for the UK Business Support Profession. 

What do we mean by Self Care? Self Care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health.  It encompasses anything you can do to be good to yourself.  Never has there been a more important time to look at this area for Executive and Personal Assistants. 

Amidst ever increasing demands placed on Business Support Professionals, many of us have become aware of the need and importance of trying to preserve our own physical and mental wellbeing, both at work and in our personal lives.

A 2018 study from the Mental Health Foundation (this study on stress was the largest known in the UK) showed that in the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. Further results indicated that 51% of adults who felt stressed reported feeling depressed and 61% reporting feeling anxious.  

The day is designed to assist Business Support Professionals in their quest for better self care and the opportunity to explore issues around mental health, coping mechanisms, support structures and frameworks to support you in leading a happier and healthier life. 

Our Self Care Summit is suitable for every grade of our membership, regardless of qualifications and academia. 

Why Attend? 

  • Learn how to develop and maintain a self care routine that works for you 
  • Practical tools and resources to help you readdress the balance 
  • Learn skills to improve moods and coping strategies 
  • Enhanced self-esteem 
  • Greater clarity on your purpose 
  • Address behavioural, personal and/or professional barriers 
  • Learn how to practice mindfulness and incorporating this into your daily life
  • The confidence to make inspired wellbeing choices going forward 
  • Expert speakers from the different facets of the wellbeing and nutrition sector

Ticket prices include the following:

  • Electronic Certificate of attendance
  • 10 EPAA CPD Credits (for those taking part in our CPD programme)
  • Lunch and refreshments
  • 1 x Hari Ghotra Spice Kit (12 to choose from)
  • 1 x The Wellbeing Journal: Creative Activities to Inspire by MIND
  • 1 x BBC Good Food Book ‘Eat Well – Cheap & Healthy’ 
  • 1 x BrainWorks Bar

*Please note the Spice Kits are given out on arrival at the event. Pre-selection will be required.

  • 26



Registration Open – Networking & Refreshments


Welcomes & Summit Open

Victoria Wratten, Founder of EPAA


Self-Care – How to find personal and professional success by taking care of yourself

Kate Horwood

Kate will provide a broader introduction around what self-care actually is … and what it isn’t (i.e it’s not simply about getting an early night or a massage etc) she’ll then speak to the subject more specifically in relation to the 5 pillars of health that Kate refers to in her work – Food, Movement, Mindset, Energy and Lifestyle.
Kate’s presentation will provide an overview of how you can practice-self care in these key areas for your overall well-being. The demands of modern day life mean that we need to be proactive around making time for self-care, otherwise our well-being will suffer and inevitable burnout or further health issues follow.  However, taking things a step further, self-care isn’t just a preventative measure; Kate will also share how when we learn to look after and prioritise our wellbeing we not only enhance our physical and mental health, but we also then have far more capacity to boost our personal excellence and performance in the workplace. 

Mindfulness Session

Mauricio De Jong Oliveira, EPAA Board Member & Mindfulness Coach

Join EPAA Board Member and Mindfulness Coach Mauricio De Jong Oliveira for a session learning about all about mindfulness and then putting this into real life practice.

Mindfulness is quoted as ‘a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique’. It is known to have many benefits including the improvement of well being, physical and mental health. Are you too much on your phone or on the computer? Are you a shopaholic? Are you indulging yourself too much on the weekends with drinks and food? This session will assist you to learn more about how mindfulness can be a way out of unwanted behaviours.




Returning from Burnout – A Modern Lifestyle Story & the JoyFind S.U.P.E.R.C.H.A.R.G.E Method

Jacqueline Labib, Founder of JoyFind

In the summer of 2018 Jacqueline Labib had a near-death experience instigated by stress, leaving her needing to make drastic changes to her lifestyle.Experiencing a full range of stress-related issues from insomnia to adrenal fatigue, panic attacks to organ failure in the space of a few weeks, she understood what many of her life coaching clients were going through – on speed!

After checking out of hospital and using natural and holistic techniques from her toolbox as a practising life coach to transform her health and presence of mind, she took it upon herself to find a ‘modern lifestyle antidote’.

In this intimate session she shares her intense personal experiences, what she learned along the way and what truly helped her recover and revitalise her mind, life and story.


Food for Thought & Wellbeing Panel

Hear from UK leading experts on their top tips/hints/recent trend’s and overall advice on enhancing and encouraging healthy living through food and nutrition. It is said that nutritional and emotional balance is the pathway to a healthy, fulfilling life. So how do we achieve this in a society that is more educated but infinitely more time poor than ever before?

All business owners, we will also take this opportunity to take a look at how they balance their working lives with family and social lives and ask the question can we indeed have it all?

Hari Ghotra, Celebrity Indian Chef
Paul Spence, BrainWorks
Kate Horwood, Nutritionist & Wellness Coach




FLIP it – Humour as a Thinking Skill by Laughology

Laura Drury, Laughology

In this ground-breaking keynote, delegates will discover that humour is a cognitive skill that is learnt and can be enhanced and utilised. Our expert presenter will reveal how to apply Laughology techniques for developing positive thinking and behaviours to increase mental agility and emotional intelligence. This keynote reveals how to turn the bad into good and look at the world in a different way.

AIM – Learning how to apply Laughology’s cognitive techniques and develop a positive psychology toolkit for greater emotional agility and wellbeing using the unique Laughology F.L.I.P. This keynote will provide a strategic model for building resilient individuals and teams for looking at challenges in a solution focused way. Using a researched and developed cognitive approach based on our understanding of how humour is formed, Laughology’s FLIP technique encourages more positive thinking and helps us feel better and make better decisions.


Executive & Personal Assistant Panel

Hear from UK Business Support Professionals on their very real experiences with mental health, well-being, anxiety and how they are managing huge workloads in these increasingly busy times. We will also hear how they are helping to shape workforce’s across the UK, with well-being initiatives increasingly being given to EAs and PAs to champion and promote across UK businesses.

Anita Fogarty – British Sugar
Julia Robertson-Avenell – Essex PA Network
Paula Harding – Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Kelly McAulay – WM Grant & Sons





Anel Martin, Anel Martin Training 

This session Anel will delve into the common stressors for the modern assistant and how resilience can counteract and mitigate the long term effects of chronic bad stress. This session will help you understand what resilience is and how to actively apply it in your daily life to avoid burnout and illness. Finding your reset button is critically important to ensure that you not only survive but thrive in the modern workplace.


Keynote – In Conversation with…Frank Bruno MBE

Frank Bruno is an English former professional boxer who was known for his good punch power and whose career highlight was winning the WBC heavyweight championship in 1995 against Oliver McCall at Wembley Stadium.

In 2003 Frank was diagnosed as having Bipolar disorder. His well-documented illness put Frank in the public eye and he used this media attention to help with the stigma attached to mental health and to help raise the standards of care given to those suffering with mental health issues. Frank supports many charities for mental health both financially and with his time.

Recently, Frank has set up The Frank Bruno Foundation, which aims to provide structured non-contact boxing sessions to build self-esteem, confidence and the encouragement to succeed for those experiencing or recovering from mental ill-health.

Published in October 2017, Frank’s book ‘Let Me Be Frank’ is a very tough, honest and straight from the heart narrative that will leave audiences and readers inspired and moved.

“In boxing you can see your opponent. But my illness strikes from the shadows. And it is impossible to defend yourself from a punch you can’t see. Winning this battle has been the toughest fight of my life. Now I am ready to tell you how I did it.”

Join EPAA’s Founder Victoria Wratten as she interviews one of the UK’s most influential boxing professionals.


Frank Bruno MBE

Laura Drury

Laura is a trainer, facilitator and coach who has recently joined Laughology. She has worked in this capacity within the public and private sector, from Amex and EE to the CIPD and the NHS, across all organisation levels. She also creates and delivers training programmes focusing on areas such as communication, impact and influence, coaching, leadership and authenticity.

She began her professional career as a performer having trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. Whilst not a bad singer, dancing took a bit more effort and her passion lay in theatre; particularly Shakespeare and, unsurprisingly, comedy and farce.

Laura started delivering communication skills as a ‘side-line’ but rapidly became interested in the psychology behind it. She trained as a coach with Barefoot and became passionate about helping others believe in themselves and achieve their goals. She is inspired by the increasingly vocal positive psychology movement and is determined to help as many people as possible experience what this can do for them.

She has also worked in ‘Theatre in Education’ with the English Pocket Opera Company. They visited schools in and around Greater London devising opera workshops with children from 3 to 11 to perform in a professional setting. At the other end of the spectrum she has delivered physical education sessions based on mathematics for Key Stage 1 and facilitated programmes to raise financial awareness for teenagers.

Described by her husband as vertically challenged (or just small) she is as spirited and determined as she is short and loves nothing more than baking away life’s stresses. …the results need to be tasted to be believed!

Hari Ghotra

Hari Ghotra is a cook and chef and the founder of the biggest digital Indian food platform in the UK.

Her website and app feature hundreds of easy to follow recipes, videos, and informative blogs. Trained at Michelin-starred Tamarind’s of Mayfair, Hari contributes to various magazines, websites, consults for restaurants and creates recipes for many brands.

Her recipes are loved by many due to their simplicity but still packed full of the spicy flavour punch Indian food is loved for.

Raised in an environment where food played a central role in family life, Hari learned to cook authentic dishes from her mother.

Her passion for simplifying Indian cookery without losing its real flavour and fun means that her unique cookery classes are much sort after in the UK. Hari understands the difficulty people feel when preparing Indian dishes at home so continues her work to be the conduit between cookbooks, TV and actually cooking with you, in your home, through her digital presence. Her meal kit range, which contains the exact quantities of spices, detailed steps and are linked to videos all to help make curry-cooking easy for consumers.

Her aim is to always provide a simple way to cook delicious, healthy, authentic food at home from scratch and enjoy the process of putting it together.

Anel Martin
Anel Martin Training

Anel is an award winning former assistant with 15 years’ experience in the corporate world. She has been training assistants since 2009 and is a published author.

She is well known for her fresh and dynamic approach and her ability to help employees understand the changing landscape of business and what will be required from them to stay relevant in the future.

She held both CAP-OM and CMOP industry certifications and has a Business Management Diploma. Anel also studied Drama which makes her uniquely positioned to work with clients on body language, voice, confidence and presentation skills. This also makes her fun to watch.

She has worked with groups as large as 2000 from 24 different countries and truly has a global view of the profession, she has been exposed to delegates from all over the world, different accents, backgrounds and industries.

Anel has also worked with several premium companies across the globe for in-house training interventions and performance coaching namely SAP North America, Exxaro, MTN, Sanlam, Oppenheimer Group, Telkom South Africa and Discovery.

She is a qualified Results Based Coach and she is passionate about helping her clients create better lives and careers.

Mauricio De Jong Oliveira
Mindfulness Coach

Mauricio de Jong Oliveira is an Associate at CDC Group, within The Africa List team, although his tenure at CDC started as the EA to the CEO’s Office.

Amongst many of his achievements Mauricio supported the transition from Diana Noble to Nick O’Donohoe in 2017. His strengths lie in relationship management as well as travel and events management.

Prior to joining CDC, M was the PA to the European General Manager at Revlon and has also worked at the New York Stock Exchange.

In addition, Mauricio is a Non-Executive Director for EPAA and is also a qualified Mindfulness Coach.

Jacqueline Labib

Since 2012 I have been on my journey as a coach, speaker, idea-generator and dream-reacher, and I know it will be a lifelong one.

JoyFind is about opening up people’s worlds and helping them to impact their worlds, too.

This means inspiring and helping people to break through their barriers and do what they love in every area of their life, so they in turn not only give permission to those around them, but are inspired to make the world dance, in their own way.

I bring my humour, playfulness, to-the-heart-of-the-matter attitude and genuine compassion to one-to-one coaching, to Joyfinding weekend and day-long group workshops, to management and employees in companies whose people could do with a helping hand, and to training and mentoring new coaches with Noble Manhattan Coaching, the international coach training organisation.

I work with some of the most creative and motivated companies and individuals in the fields of branding, public relations, sales, the dramatic arts, experiential hotels, art and design, mental and physical wellbeing and entrepreneurialism, through to children in schools, hospitals and with teens.

I am a member and Accredited Senior Coach with the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring and make it my business to immerse myself in some of the wisest and most mysterious cultures in the world to bring back their wisdom.

Kelly McAulay
WM Grant & Sons

Kelly joined William Grant & Sons in 2006 and currently supports the Chairman, Company Secretary and Group HR Director. The company employs 1800 people globally and is the owner of iconic brands such as Glenfiddich, the Balvenie and Hendrick’s Gin.

Kelly has a wealth of experience as both a Personal and Executive Assistant with a wide range of responsibilities from extensive diary and travel management to event planning and project management.

A passionate advocate for the PA profession, she is currently an Ambassador for the Scottish PA Network, founder of Lanarkshire PA Network as well as co-founder of William Grant & Sons Internal PA Network, launching an Admin Academy in 2017 to focus on training and development opportunities internally for those in admin roles.

Kelly has a mission to inspire other PA professionals to succeed through networking, mentoring and continued professional development.

Kelly holds a Diploma in Personal Assistance and was voted Scottish PA of the Year 2015. This has afforded her opportunities to attend and speak at many PA events in the UK as well as judging the Scottish PA Awards & Yorkshire PA Awards in 2016.

Julia Robertson-Avenell FEPAA
Essex PA Network

Julia is a career orientated Business Support Professional with over 25 years’ experience at providing an Executive service to management and directors. She is a decisive manager, with proven success at managing projects, initiative strong business alliances and identifying areas for growth.

Julia has a huge passion for learning and development and is the Co-Founder of The Essex PA Network, which is a voluntary group helping to upskill the PA/EA and admin staff of Essex.

Paula Harding FEPAA
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Paula is an Executive Assistant at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) supporting Professor Phil Padfield, Dean of Education and Senior Management Team.

Paula is a member of the PA Hub, Executive and Personal Assistants Association and the Institute of Administrative Management and is an active member of business networking groups in Merseyside.

An ambassador of the EA/PA profession Paula is keen for EAs and PAs to discuss roles, to share knowledge and to network with business professionals to build business acumen and credibility.

Anita Fogarty
British Sugar

Anita has been a Personal Assistant for more than a decade and initially trained as a Secretary when leaving school.

Anita has had a varied career with 12 years serving in the Royal Air Force, then working for the Local Authority before moving into the private sector working for an Exhibition company looking after Roadshows for Blue Chip clients.

Anita has been at British Sugar for nearly 11 years and recently moved in a new career direction working in IT Security using her skills and passion as a PA to move within the company.

She is honoured to be a Fellow of EPAA (FEPAA) and recently became a member of Association of Project Management. She has a desire to learn and improve in her career and personally, while helping others around her.

Anita has mentored other new PAs within Associated British Foods (ABF) Group and goes into schools in East Anglia as part of Inspiring the Future to help raise the profile of PA’s as a profession.

Paul Spence
Brain Works

In 2012 Paul was attacked without provocation whilst out for with his family. The repercussions have been felt ever since. Suffering a frontal lobe brain haemorrhage, Paul’s life was to change forever. Unable to remember, to process or plan, Paul was left lost, confused and vulnerable. He was told that because of the damage to his brain, his life would never be the same again. After leaving hospital he struggled to adjust – losing his job as an electrician, losing his relationship and inevitably falling into depression.

As he felt he had no control he wanted to do something he could have control over, and started exercising. Initially very little with three press ups, three sit ups and three squats. A small routine but it was a start. During recovery he set a goal to be in Men’s Health Magazine. His family thought he was unrealistic in his goal but supported him on his quest. As his strength grew and his body started to take shape, Paul realised his overall outlook was improving and sought to further enhance this effect. With support of his family, he undertook research to find foods that could help his repairing brain perform at its best.

In 2015 Paul fulfilled his dream of appearing in Men’s Health, the first in many goals he has set himself along his long road to recovery. By achieving this feat he realised that just because his life was now different, it did not have to be worse, in fact he could go on and achieve whatever he set his mind too.

One of the things Paul and his family had noticed in the early days of recovery was a distinct lack of support in the community for the brain injured and their family and friends. With this in mind, and lots and lots of hard work, Paul achieved another major milestone by setting up a UK registered charity in 2016 to support those in the community who feel they have nowhere to turn after any type of brain injury.

Over the past few years Paul has achieved a myriad of milestones to raise much needed funds for P.A.U.L For Brain Recovery.

Over the years, one thing Paul had noticed was that there were no foods in the market place specifically targeted for brain health. Many foods to make you look good but nothing to enable the brain to work at its best.

In 2016 Paul met up with Rich Mcwatt, a nutritionist with a penchant for cooking and creating foods! Armed with a list of food stuffs Paul had used in the early days of his recovery, and now, Rich went away and created a range of different foods, from bars to drinks to cooking sauces. From this, Brainworks was born. Brainworks has started with a range of 3 bars and are looking to launch several more in 2019. There are plans to launch many other foods to accompany the bars too.

Kate Horwood
Kate Horwood Coaching & Consulting

Kate Horwood is an experienced wellness and performance coach with an established track record of helping ambitious people manage their health, stress levels and overall wellbeing alongside a pressured, maxed-out lifestyle.

Through her coaching work, clients learn how to make realistic healthy changes that restore a sense of ease and flow to their mind, body and life. These changes mean that clients feel physically better, they have more energy to draw from, a much clearer more positive outlook and a greater resilience; all of which lead to new levels in their performance and feelings of more satisfaction and enjoyment in their work and life.

Kate also works with companies, consulting on subjects related to employee wellbeing, stress resilience and ultimately stress reduction. The scope of work involves creating bespoke workshops and talks on subjects such as self-care, avoiding burnout, gaining more energy, losing weight, feeling healthier overall, food to fuel your body and mind, feeling less anxiety/stress and lastly, wellbeing and stress resilience in direct relation to high performance … All of which, ultimately, improve employee morale, health, retention, performance and company culture.






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