Our members enjoy considerable discounts to all EPAA events, workshops, training days and conferences.

We run a variety of events throughout the year and at various locations. Our events lean towards professional development and ensuring our members are up to date with the latest skills, knowledge and expertise, in order to provide a highly valuable executive support service. 

Friday 18th January 2019  Negotiation & Influencing Workshop Edinburgh 
Friday 15th February 2019  Internal EA/PA Networks Workshop London
Friday 22nd March 2019  Negotiation & Influencing Workshop Glasgow 
Friday 10th May 2019  Fellow Training Day  London 
Monday 13th May 2019  Fellow Training Day Edinburgh 
Tuesday 14th May 2019  Fellow Training Day  Manchester 
Thursday 16th May 2019  Fellow Training Day  Leicester
Friday 17th May 2019  Fellow Training Day  Southampton 
Friday 6th June 2019  Negotiation & Influencing Workshop  Manchester 
Tuesday 11th June 2019  CPD Practitioner Training Day & Celebrations London 
Friday 19th July 2019  Negotiation & Influencing Workshop Leicester
Friday 16th August 2019  Negotiation & Influencing Workshop Nottingham 
Friday 6th September 2019  Negotiation & Influencing Workshop Newcastle
Friday 11th October 2019 

EPAA Self Care Summit for EAs and PAs

Thursday 14th November 2019 

EPAA National EA Conference


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