EPAA Book Club

In 2021 we launched a Book Club specifically for EPAA members. 

We talked about a virtual book club with our members three years ago, but the pandemic finally allowed for us to push this idea forward and to run it virtually.  This ensures that members from different locations can join the sessions. 

The sessions now take place over a week day lunchtime and are approximately 60 to 90 minutes in length. 

Our book club is slightly different, in as much as we try wherever possible to have the author of the book on the session with us.  This helps with fuller discussions and more in-depth debate, in addition to asking the author relevant questions. 

Members are invited to attend whichever sessions are relevant to them and their own career development plans. 

We read a variety of books (including both print and e-books) from internal and external to the profession – this varies from EA/PA books, to biographies and other subject matters which have a relevance on the roles. 

EPAA members who are part of the CPD scheme can earn CPD credits for attending each session and also for reading the book itself (credits vary depending on book length). 

If you are a book author who wishes to showcase your book to EPAA members, please contact the EPAA team here.   

Upcoming Book Club Dates

The Tactical Assistant Playbook by Anel Martin

Creating an Internal Assistant Network by Cathy Harris

2022 Membership Brochure

Thinking about joining EPAA? Download our 2022 Membership Brochure below.

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