In 2017 we opened our CPD programme for EPAA members, which is an optional benefit of EPAA Membership.

2019 has seen our first group of Fellow (FEPAA) and Member (MEPAA) grades be awarded with Practitioner status. This has shown a clear commitment to UK employers of continuous learning and development. 

This training day and celebrations have been put together to celebrate the success of EPAA Members, who are due to complete two years’ CPD with us at the end of 2019 at MEPAA and FEPAA level.  

If at Affiliate Professional (APEPAA) or Associate (AEPAA) Level, these members will see an upgrade in level of membership, in celebration of their commitment to the programme over the last two years. 

Current ‘Practitioners’ are also invited to join us in the celebrations too.  

A full days training will be conducted by our Founder and Expert Trainer Victoria Wratten, in addition to celebrating over a three course meal at a London restaurant, once the training day has been completed. 

The theme for the training aspect of the day for 2020, is ‘Advanced Communication Skills’.