The Association is delighted to open the recruitment arm of this UK national body, for Business Support Professionals. 

Why is EPAA different from a standard recruiter?

Our Founder worked in recruitment as an EA for over seven years and has experience of some of the outdated processes in the industry, which sadly are still being utilised by recruiters to hire EAs and PAs. 

It has meant that often the incorrect match is made between candidate and executive/business. Experiencing an incorrect match between candidate and client can be a very costly and thoroughly negative experience indeed for both parties. 

As an association, we are contacted continuously by businesses from all over the UK, who struggle immensely to find high quality candidates through standard recruiters; we are consistently told that it is difficult to find candidates with the necessary skills to perform the role well.

We feel it is unnecessary for UK employers to be met with costly recruitment fees for hiring new EAs and PAs, in these difficult economic times.  As an association that is not driven by profit, we can help keep those recruitment budgets down. 

Who are our members?

Our members are career professionals, who are increasingly frustrated with current, outdated recruitment processes. Our members find it almost impossible to get onto the books of recruitment agencies across the UK; they are regularly rejected for being “over qualified” or “too experienced”. These candidates have met the rigorous conditions and expectations to be a member of this body and indeed the criteria to be employed by many first class UK employers. 

This means we have a pool of highly skilled, capable and talented EAs and PAs, whose support service extends way beyond traditional administrative and secretarial duties and can add real economic and strategic value to your organisation. 

Quite simply put – our members are not ‘Admins’ but Business Support Professionals.  Our member pool is unique, intelligent and diversified. 

At EPAA, we truly do understand what it takes to thrive and be successful in these roles and have a more intricate and forward-thinking view than standard recruiters.  Our knowledge of the different roles under the Business Support umbrella is vast and unparalleled– which is invaluable when trying to find the right candidate!

It is about more than advertising a role, sitting back and waiting for the candidate emails to come in for EPAA. It is about empowering the success of UK Executives and their organisations, ensuring the right support is there via our members. 

What fees are involved?  

EPAA works on a not for profit basis when it comes to recruitment.  

Our primary focus is not profit, but instead ensuring the right EA is matched with the right executive and organisation.  

In addition, we want to ensure our career driven members are given a fair opportunity to apply for roles, which for the majority is currently not an option with many UK recruiters.  

As mentioned, EPAA is not encumbered with commission targets and thus we do not harass clients or candidates with numerous emails, sales calls and reams of e shot marketing. 

We also offer a completely confidential service at all times.

For employers/HR departments, we offer free role advertisements to our membership. 

These are placed in the members area of our website, which is only accessible by EPAA members and not the wider public.  We also promote to our members via our member newsletter and our closed social media groups. 

Please note all role specifications are vetted to ensure they are indeed EA/PA roles – you will be notified if it is felt to be a different role by the Association and given advice accordingly.  

For those employers and HR departments who need further advice on current capabilities of UK EAs and PAs, we do provide a consultancy over a 15 minute phone call free of charge and a small charge thereafter, for advising, writing and updating role specifications. 

If you are looking for a more extensive recruitment service, which involves shortlisting of candidates, and items such as psychometric testing, we do charge a small fee, but can guarantee savings of up to 80% less than what you would pay a standard UK recruiter. 

Why do we not offer a job board? 

Whilst job boards can be helpful on occasion, they often do not attract the right calibre of candidates for many roles within this profession. 

We also do not feel ‘mass marketing’ and acquiring 100s of CVs, is the correct way to recruit for roles such as these, given the often highly individual nature of the work delivered to organisations and UK executives. 

With a more personalised approach, that doesn’t include mass marketing, we can be assured, as can you, that we can attract a better quality of candidate for organisations vs standard recruitment processes.

Recruiting via EPAA means you really are recruiting the very best from our profession!

We regret to inform all that our free role advertisements are for employers directly and recruiters who are members of the REC. 


To find out more information please complete the form below and one of the team will come back to you shortly:

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