Founded in 2016 to bring together a range of business support professionals and support them through a period of industry upheaval and transition, EPAA has now become the go-to organisation for EA/PA professionals in a diverse range of roles, all of whom provide invaluable support essential to the day-to-day running of any and every successful business.

EPAA are acutely aware of the fact that traditional business support roles are in a state of flux, as technological advancements and corporate restructuring changes the way that industry professionals work within the sector. EPAA are keen to ensure that their members – and the wider community – have the knowledge and technical skillset necessary to excel in their roles and remain competitive and relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.

The ideals of honesty, integrity and respect are central to everything that EPAA does; whether we are providing professional development or networking opportunities for members, or campaigning for greater equality and increased diversity within the industry, we are driven by a passion to deliver exceptional and relevant results with total transparency to help ensure the sustainability and longevity of the profession.

EPAA is a not-for-profit organisation and is keen to ensure that membership is both inclusive and accessible for every business support professional who wants to join. Our members enjoy exceptionally low membership fees and gain access to a range of benefits – including a continuing professional development programme, event discounts and a training programme delivered via a series of webinars – each of which has been carefully tailored to ensure that it is relevant and valuable to our diverse community of members.

The work of EPAA isn’t just for our members, but for the EA/PA professional community as a whole. EPAA want to help establish the sustainability and longevity of the profession in UK and international businesses and continue to help build a diverse and technologically proficient workforce that has the capacity to endure these turbulent times for the EA/PA profession.

As as UK professional body for Executive and Personal Assistants, EPAA’s mission is to champion, promote and develop the UK Business Support Profession. 

We commit to providing a supportive, inclusive, innovative and empowering environment, where our members can develop expertise to maximise effectiveness and satisfaction throughout their Assistant careers.

Our long term strategies include:

  • Changing and challenging the EA/PA landscape
  • Continue to improve our employee value proposition
  • A greater voice on strategic business issues
  • Increasing & empowering people management activities


Our History

EPAA was founded by multi-award winning Executive Assistant, Victoria Wratten (nee Darragh).

The Association was officially registered in December 2014, with an event launch in January 2016 at The Bloomsbury Hotel, London.

A group of Executive and Personal Assistants from across the UK came together on more than one occasion during 2014 and 2015 to shape EPAA, for today and the future of the profession. Lengthy discussions ensued, as we proceeded on a journey that produced some of the most extraordinary work and ideas our profession has ever seen!

We give thanks to the Executive and Personal Assistants, who took part in our original focus groups and also provided feedback via phone, email, social media and various meetings over the 18 months leading up to the launch of EPAA.

The groups of Assistants we worked with showed extraordinary commitment and dedication to the creation of EPAA which we know will be felt by generations of Assistants to come.

2022 Membership Brochure

Thinking about joining EPAA? Download our 2022 Membership Brochure below.

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